Trailtalk® is a revolutionary approach to psychological health and well-being that combines the best aspects of traditional psychological treatment with outdoor movement and physical activity in a naturalistic environment. Trailtalk® can be a great way to manage depression, anxiety, stress in your life or to sort through goals and priorities in your life.

Recent research has demonstrated the strong links between psychological health and physical activity and Trailtalk® aims to build on this. The nature of Trailtalk® varies from individual to individual. Simon will negotiate with you a particular approach to Trailtalk® that will work best for you. Sometimes simply walking while you talk is sufficient. Some people find they benefit from specific physical challenges along the way and in time as you become accustomed to the idea of Trailtalk®, taking on some advanced challenges can be beneficial too.

Trailtalk® can take place in almost any outdoor location, including walking laps of a local oval, along with a route such as the Kincumber to Davistown boardwalk, the waterfront at Koolewong or for advanced Trailtalkers some of the fire trails and walking tracks through local National Parks.

There are some particular aspects of Trailtalk® which you should consider carefully before engaging in it. Firstly, because you are in a public place, you may be seen by friends or relatives and in this way, you need to consider how significant total privacy is for you. Confidentiality will always be maintained within the limits of the law. No specific level of physical fitness is required to engage in Trailtalk® although as with any physical activity, there are risks of injury that you should consider.

Trailtalk® works best when there is a specific issue or focus or problem that you would like to work on. It’s useful to spend some time reflecting on this before your first Trailtalk® session. Simon can help you refine this also and you can bring different issues to each Trailtalk® session if you wish.

Simon is an AHPRA Registered Psychologist and full member of the Australian Psychological Society. He is also an international affiliate of the American Psychological Association and he is a Level 2 Fitness Professional registered with Fitness Australia.

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