TrailTalk® Questions & Answers

What is TrailTalk®?

Trailtalk® is an opportunity to engage in personalised and focused psychological treatment with a qualified and accredited Psychologist and Fitness Trainer. While it’s conducted outdoors, it’s not a physical fitness session and you don’t need high levels of fitness to participate.

How does it work?

Instead of meeting in an office and sitting in a chair for an hour, Trailtalk® involves walking with your Practitioner on local nature and firetrails, while also focusing on your psychological well-being. It’s very similar to traditional psychological treatment except that it’s conducted outdoors, on the move.

What if I’m not very fit?

It doesn’t matter. The focus is not on exercise and building fitness. A reasonably fit adult might expect to cover three to four kilometers during a consultation. If you walk slowly, or want to stop more frequently that’s fine. If you’d prefer to sit for extended periods of time outdoors, that’s fine too.

Do I need any special equipment?

No. Just some good walking shoes that are comfortable to wear and some comfortable layered clothing.

What are the benefits?

We know that good physical health and good mental health go hand in hand. We also know that movement is vital to good physical and mental health. One of the diseases of the 21st century is the sedentary lifestyle. This is an opportunity to be in a relaxing environment where you can focus without distraction. Being physically active can help to manage anxiety, especially when you’re confronting some difficult things.

What if it’s raining?

If it’s light drizzle, just throw on a waterproof jacket and we’ll go. If it’s raining heavily, we’ll revert to an office based consult.

What about confidentiality?

Your privacy and maintaining your confidentiality are always paramount. This doesn’t change for Trailtalk®. The likelihood of bumping into someone you know is very very low but feel free to discuss this beforehand if you’re concerned and we can work together on a strategy to manage that should it occur.

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